Thursday, March 29, 2012


THEY DIDN’T SURVIVE IT In those days euphemism and metaphors were used to clothe lewdness but unfortunately, today our society has grown into flagrant obscenities. This unarguably has fueled immorality…. ‘femi Owolabi Success Note that I don’t write to condemn as some people may think. I write to warn, teach, exhort and inform people about the advantage of sexual purity. There are people reading this note at the moment who are already addicted to sex. There are organization’s heads that are addicted to their secretaries and assistants. Some can’t even travel without making reservations for their sex mate. Unfortunately, many religious leaders are not left out. Oh! Did you just say, “That one na their headache” or it can’t happen to me”? My friend, you’re vulnerable to immorality and if you think it can’t happen to you, it certainly will. Do you remember the strongest man that ever lived on earth? Do you remember the wisest man that ever lived? What about the man after God’s earth? If Samson, who is the strongest, Solomon, the wisest and David, the most godly can fall for sexual immorality, then who are you who isn’t the strongest, wisest, smartest, richest, and most godly? Note that having morals or being religious is not your medicine against sexual temptation. There is no medicine that makes you immune to sexual temptation. It is unfortunate when one’s career end or when one’s family break due to sex scandal. Here are few stories for you: He was loved for his humane approach to life. He was regarded as an exceptional leader and was going to become the greatest and most loved American leader ever until news broke that he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky (A white house intern). The moment he added Lewinsky to his life he was impeached. Lewinsky’s word: “I had nine sexual encounters with President Bill Clinton that involved Fellatio (Oral stimulation of the penis) and other sexual acts in the oval office, but none of them involved sexual intercourse”. Even though there was no sexual intercourse, the pleasure gotten from oral sex got him off his exalted position. He was going to become the greatest boxer after Mohammed Alli until he was involved in a rape scandal. His name is Michael Gerrard Tyson but was nicknamed “Iron” because his blow weighed 50kg (That’s a bag of rice). Unfortunately, Iron melted seeing an 18 year old beauty queen, Desiree Washington. You know what? Tyson spent five years in prison just because he couldn’t control his sexual appetite. Elliot Spitzer was going to become the president of America someday until he began to patronize a prostitution service called Emperors Club VIP. He was the first New York Governor that was forced to resign. Reuben Jacob’s destiny was aborted after his father cursed him for sleeping with Bilha (His father’s concubine). Reuben who was acknowledged as Excellency of power and might did not have preeminence and did not excel. He is a Nigerian but based in United Kingdom. (Name withheld – The news is all over the internet). This evangelical pastor was guilty of homosexuality. (I have a book on sexual purity that he wrote the foreword). He was sentenced to 8 months and 6 months imprisonment respectively for assaulting a teenage boy while he slept and for fondling a young preacher while sharing a hotel bed with him. In a pre – sentencing report he said: “I am ashamed of my behavior as homosexuality is at ods with my religious beliefs”. He has also been registered as a sex offender for five years and he is presently undergoing counseling with a top Nigerian Pastor. David Jesse did not survived his sexual immorality, Samson Monaoh didn’t survived Delilah, Solomon David never survived his strange women, Amnon David died because of his sex scandal with his half sister, Tarma David. The men I have mentioned didn’t survive it, what makes you think you are extraordinary? What makes you think you will survive sex scandal if you don’t get help now? For help on your sexual behavior, contact: VERITAS RESOURCE CONSULT SUITE 16A, PHASE 6, NAVY TOWN SHOPPING MALL, ALAKIJA, LAGOS. 07060826979 29th March, 2012 © Matthew ‘femi Adedoyin

Monday, October 31, 2011


Read Epistle of Sex I here:!/note.php?note_id=10150333441261448 Read Epistle of Sex II here: FIRST EPISTLE OF MATTHEW ON SEX Chapter 3 1. I send greetings to you again in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. May His grace abide with you all 2. Remember, I said in my last letter that the message of this epistle is not to condemn you but to inform, guide, exhort and warn you 3. Who are you going to believe, a lie in truth’s clothing or the naked truth? 4. Today, we’ve been bombarded with several wrong and contradictory messages on sex, 5. Some say, ‘No sex unless you are protected’, others say ‘No sex unless you are older’, some also say ‘No sex unless you are in love’, others say ‘No sex unless you are matured’ 6. All these are lies in truth’s clothing. The naked truth about sex is ‘No sex unless you are married’ 7. Today our world is saturated with sex. Sex is used to sell everything from chocolate to tooth paste and even to items that has no correlation with sex. 8. Do not believe that not having sex kills because nobody has ever died for not having sex. I have yet to read the obituary section of a newspaper or an obituary bill where it says, ‘Matthew Adedoyin, 1987 – 2011, died of virginity or of not having sex’ 9. Yet there are young people dying everyday because they bought into the lie that they can’t be expected to control their sexual urges 10. Having sex is a matter of choice, sometimes a very hard one, but it’s a choice under your complete control 11. Statistic had it that those who practice abstinence are more likely to have stable and enduring marriage as adults 12. And the happiest sex lives are found among those who wait until marriage to have sex and this requires self control and discipline 13. The Contemporary English version of the holy book said in proverbs 25: 28 that ‘loosing self control leaves you as helpless as a city without walls 14. My ladies, remember that I told you that guys has virtual libido, they are attracted to what they see. It isn’t their fault. It’s just the way they were made 15. Therefore, learn to dress modestly because your dressing is a reflection of who you are and the home you come from; 16. Steve Harris put it this way – You can’t be address like a prospect when you dress like a suspect. Have you ever seen a prostitute in the brothel on suit? No, it’s not possible because that will never attract her customers 17. Have you not been told in 1 Peter chapter 3 that you shouldn’t depend on things like fancy hairdos or gold jewelry or expensive clothes to make you look beautiful? (But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress well) 18. Be beautiful in your heart by being gentle and quiet. This kind of beauty will last, and God considers it very special. 19. Long ago those women who worshiped God and put their hope in him made themselves beautiful by putting their husbands first. 20. Just like your virginal, your breast and buttock are your private parts. Do not make it public by flaunting it; keep it for your husband alone. 21. And again your breast, shape, hip or buttock is not an asset as some of you think. 22. If you think it is, go to the bank and use it as collateral for some loan and see if you will get anything 23. I am sorry if I am being too blunt for your liking. I can’t beat that, it’s already me 24. My guys, sex is not for singles, it is not meant for boys and girls at the back of a vehicle or a house that doesn’t even belong to you. It is meant for a man and a woman, only in a marriage environment. 25. It isn’t a convenient exchange. It is only animals that make love at convenience; but when you begin to make love at convenience, then you are an animal. 26. That lady/girl is not a sex object, stop treating her like one. You are supposed to protect her, care for her, love her, respect her and her feelings. She is not a car that you test before buying. She is a woman, not a punching bag or sex object 27. Be informed that the test or measure of a man is not his man hood or how many rounds he can go on a woman. The true measure of a man is Responsibility and Discipline 28. Joseph was an example of a true measure of a man. He had opportunity for free sex from his boss’ wife but he was responsible and discipline enough to escape and protect his destiny. I know some foolish ones will say he missed 29. Yeah, he missed, he missed being a local champion, he missed being used, he missed living in fear of being caught, he missed guilt, he missed destroying his reputation and integrity, he missed being emotionally stunted, he missed psychological trauma and he missed exchanging his future for pleasure 30. More so, if he had done it, he wouldn’t have found himself in the prison and he won’t eventually become a prime minister in a foreign land. He would have been a local champion in Potiphar’s house and perhaps he would have been eventually caught by Potiphar 31. Do not let me take much of your time with this as you might have something else you want to do but you can read again at your leisure time. It won’t be long before I write to you again. May the grace of God continue to live with you Thanks. Apostle of Sexology [For the lady who called me yesterday that my messages are the reason she is still a virgin: Please, stay that way until you are married. For all Abstinence advocate like myself: I believe our generation will raise sex – pure leaders, let’s keep preaching the message]

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thanks to helpers of destiny

After receiving several text messages and calls yesterday, I went into a deep thought. I was thinking about who I was and who I am now and who I want to be I am the first to admit that the first twenty years of my life wasn’t the real me, but the corrections I have made within the last four years has make most of the wrongs right. During the first twenty years, I know I am not being real to myself but because I lack good substance inside of me, I gave in to pressure. Lakita Garth said in one of her books that people are like the soda cans. What happens when you squeeze an empty soda can? It gets crushed. Why? Because the pressure on the outside of the can is greater than the pressure on the inside. The inverse is true as well. What happens when you squeeze a full soda can that’s still sealed on top? It can’t be crushed. Why? Because the pressure on the inside of the can is greater than the pressure on the outside. People use peer pressure as an excuse for bad behaviour when in fact they are simply empty of any true substance. Whenever they are subjected to any pressure from the wrong people to do the wrong thing at the wrong in the wrong place, they collapse. Peer pressure is nothing more than a lack of character. Yesterday made it the 24th year that I have been on earth but I am only four years old. Four years of being relevant, four years of being responsible. I celebrated four years of doing what God really called me to do. I am writing this note to appreciate several people whom God has brought my way, some of whom the lord used to lay foundation; and others to build. You have really impacted my life and ministry. Till your death, I only know you as mummy Tolani: You first recognized the call of God in my life when you were our children teacher at World Merciful Gospel Mission. At the tender age of ten, you gave me necessary encouragement, motivation and the joy of answering God’s call. Thank you ma. May your soul rest in peace Pastor Ayooluwa Olalere: You picked me up where mummy Tolani dropped me. Though I turned weird and went astray, but because I was afraid you will chastise me if I don’t do your bible study Assignments, learn the memory verses, read the psalms and learn the books of the bible, I never stopped coming to church. My grandma, Deaconess Abigail Adedoyin: You confirmed my calling and told me I was not too young to work for God. I know you are happy now seeing me do what is expected of me. Mama, e ma dagba, e ma dogbo, eyin le ma jeun wa loruko Jesu. Dr. D.K. Olukoya: I am amazed and challenged by the depth of your knowledge and insight. The combination of your anointing with humility posed a great challenge to me. The unction in which you function is simply mind blowing. Ronke Kosoko: This appreciation will never be complete if your name is exempted. After my encounter with you in 2008, my life took a new dimension. Your book, power of responsibility causes a revolutionary transformation in my life. Ma, I’ll forever be grateful. My parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olabode Adedoyin Ajiboye: Thank you for tolerating me in those years when I was acting like a bastard. You are the best parents in the world. My Uncle, Timothy Adedoyin: a role model and a mentor. Your life is simply the kind I pray for. Your generosity and philanthropical act incomparable. If every Uncle in the world can be like you, the world would have been a better place. My best friends: Anthony Anike and Fidelia Ezeme: You guys are the best. Your companionship makes me feel like writing everything down. Thanks for always being there. I owe you both my life. I want to specially thank everybody that has added value to my life in one way or the other: ‘femi Owolabi Success, Pst. Damilola Oluwatoyinbo, Olumide Bisiriyu, Dayo Ayeni, Pst. Victor Olukoju, Florence Omolara, Mrs. Funke Ogungbesan, Obinna Echendu, Emmanuel Oladiji, Kabiru Sunkanmi, Mrs. Eucharia Ezeme, John Anene, All the CSC guys in Unilag, Mr. Muftau Oyinloye, Ayanfeoluwa Lawal, Chinenye Ilondu. Thanks to you all. Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Adetunji Bello for being there whenever I call, God’s favour will never depart from your family, Jide Falaki for being a true friend and brother, Adenimi Omotere – I can say it with my last breadth that I love you, Ayobami Familua, for being a wonderful friend and sister, those things I promised in the letter I sent you last year are very much in my heart, Samson Bakare for being a naughty brother. To all members of Maximum Impact Network: I am glad to be identified with you and finally to my siblings: Busayo, Jumoke, Peter and Enoch – Thank you for your support and encouragement. And to you for finding out time to read this. God bless you. Thanks. Matthew Adedoyin [For all my destiny helpers, including those I forgot to mention their names]

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

24 Things about me

24 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ME 1. My names are Matthew Oluwafemi Olaoluwa Ayodele Adedoyin – Ajiboye 2. I was born on Tuesday, 27th October, 1987 3. I am from Edidi, Isin Local Government Area, Kwara State, Nigeria 4. Favourite Food: Fufu and Egusi – Bring it anytime, any day, anywhere 5. Favourite Drink: Palm wine and Star Lager Beer(Before), Water (Now) 6. Favourite Music: Juju and Fuji Music 7. Favourite Artistes: Adewale Ayuba, Evang. Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi, Saheed Osupa, Taiye and Kehinde Adegbodu, Shola Allyson Obaniyi, Tope Alabi, Ifemioluwa Olalere, Segun Blessing, Walex, Lord of Ajasa, Olamide, Faze and D’banj 8. Hobbies: Talking, Computing and Reading 9. Best Friends: Male – Anthony Chinomso Anike, Female – Fidelia Chinenye Ezeme 10. I was born, bred and grew up in Mosafejo – Amukoko, Ajegunle, Lagos 11. I am single and searching 12. Mentors/Role Models: Timothy Adedoyin, Dr. D.K. Olukoya, John C. Maxwell, Lakita Garth, ‘femi Owolabi Success, Damilola Oluwatoyinbo, Taiwo Emmanuel Olushola 13. I am the visionary of Maximum Impact Network, an organization founded to raise sex – pure leaders 14. Nick Names: Apostle of Sexology, Mr. Pure Sex 15. I love communicating – Talking, writing, preaching, teaching etc 16. I am the CEO of Link – Hints Computer Centre 17. I am blunt and I appreciate bluntness 18. (a) I hate talkative especially when they are not making sense (b) I don’t waste time on fools, that is why I don’t give answer to many of their questions 19. I was sexually abused by someone who claimed to be a school mother at age 12 20. I was a drummer for a local kegite club in Ajegunle 21. I became an interpreter (Translator) in church at the age of 11 22. (a) I started taking alcohol at 15, became addicted to sex at 17 and smoked Indian hemp for about 1 month at 20. I was doing these three until my encounter with a lady in July, 2007. Though regrettable but turned my life to what it is today. (b) Despite doing the three things in 22(a), I still attend church regularly, interpret frequently (Only when I am not high) and people still call me by the name ‘Pastor’ 23. I intend to marry a wife and have three children just like my uncle, Timothy Adedoyin 24. I am a teacher of the word with callings on Sexual Purity, Leadership and Self development Thanks. I stay committed to Sexual Purity Adedoyin ‘femi Matthew [For myself as I mark my 24th year of existence and 4th year of relevance and taking responsibility for my life]

Monday, October 24, 2011


FIRST EPISTLE OF MATTHEW ON SEX Chapter Two 1. Let he who has ears hear the word of wisdom from the throne of heaven 2. Sex is good, in fact it is very good because it was originated by God and all what God created were and are good 3. but abusing sex either in a pre – marital way or extra – marital way is what made it a sin 4. Have you not been taught in the holy book that the bed of marriage should be undefiled? 5. Therefore, to avoid fornication, let every man have a wife of his own and every woman a husband of her own 6. My friend Josephine Isang once said: You don’t need CONDOM, you need CONDUCT and that’s absolutely true 7. Anthony Anike paraphrased it to mean: If you are not married, you don’t need SEX, you need SENSE 8. But a dog who is destined to be lost will never yield to the call of the hunter 9. One thing I am very sure of is that the quantity of sex does not make a relationship valid. It is the quality of relationship that makes sex valid 10. Pastor Bimbo Odukoya of blessed memory said in one of her books that the more you satisfy a man with sex outside marriage or before marriage, the less his need for marriage 11. Therefore, my brethren, the most appropriate occasion to have sex for the first time is not when you are matured but when you are married 12. Do not be deceived that with BIRTH CONTROL you cannot get pregnant, the only sure way of not getting pregnant is SELF CONTROL 13. I do not write this epistle to condemn anybody but to remind us what Apostle Paul said in his first epistle to the corinthians 14. I wrote to you in my epistle not to keep company with sexually immoral people 15. Now the body is not for sexual immorality but for the lord and the lord for the body 16. Let me remind you that you are bought with a price and your bodies are members of Christ 17. Also be informed that sexual sin is a sin against your own body as it was written in 1 Corinthians 6:18 18. Sexual sin also aborts one’s destiny. Reuben, Jacob’s first child is a case study 19. Reuben’s (a man with bright future) destiny was terminated after he was cursed by his father because he slept with his father’s wife (Genesis 49: 3 – 4) 20. Ladies, using sex to get love is wrong, it only results to guilt, emotional and psychological trauma, disgrace, embarrassment, pregnancy, HIV and other STDs 21. Do not define sex as love because it is not. Anybody can sleep with you but that doesn’t mean they love you. 22. The prostitutes at the brothel are a typical example. If sex is love, prostitutes would have been the happiest people in life – Loved by many and still get paid 23. If anyone tells you to sleep with him or her as a demonstration of love, all he/she is saying is ‘I LOVE IT’ and not you 24. Any man who forces you to remove your clothes doesn’t love or respect you 25. Great people of character do the right thing not because they always want to change the world, but because they refuse to be changed by the corrupt world 26. The mighty have fallen, leaders have been destroyed, positive influencers have turned negative, destinies have been aborted, anointing have dried off, all because of five minutes enjoyment 27. I have told you times without number that sex is meant for Re – Creation (Creating new being or offspring) and not Recreation (Leisure activity) 28. Also, noble men want the desirable lady and not the available. And great men think with their mind and not their penis 29. I will keep praying for you, writing to you and reminding you about the danger of pre – marital sex as I have promised 30. Remember, this is not an epistle of condemnation. It is an epistle inspired by God to warn, remind, teach, guide, exhort and inform us about sexual purity and its advantages. 31. It won’t be long before I write to you again. I leave you with the grace of God Yours in Christ Apostle of Sexology [For Olumide Bisiriyu for giving the the opportunity to perform this on his 30th Birthday and for all october celebrants]

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


First Epistle of Matthew on Sex
Chapter One
1. Matthew Adedoyin, called to be an Apostle of Sexology through the will of God to the people of the world who the destiny of their lives matters to them
2. Grace to you and peace from God and our lord Jesus Christ who gave himself for our sins
3. That he may deliver us from this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.
4. I marvel at the way sex is being abused in our generation and our religious leaders tend to pretend as if it’s normal or normal
5. Be informed that God’s real purpose for sex was not pleasure but reproduction. The fact it was pleasurable offered the necessary incentive to undertake the activity
6. As an added feature, God gave men a reproductive organ with a mind if its own. One that did not always and necessarily obey the command from God.
7. If God says to the organ “Wait, take it easy, and Get to know him/her” especially when you meet a nice and cute girl or boy and there’s attraction, whether you like it or not the reproductive circuit also switched on and it sends really powerful signals.
8. However, God made us sexual being and it is normal to feel sexual urge, therefore, denying it can be disastrous
9. Be also reminded that we are wired differently, Men have high sexual urge than women, since women have more unwanted side effect, they tend to be cautious when they remember this
10. It has been concluded by scientists that women achieve most sexual satisfaction through stimulation of their brain not any other organ,
11. therefore, your greatest sex organ is your brain(mind) and not you penis or virginal
12. Pfizer’s, (the company behind Viagra) exhaustive research has led to the conclusion that men and women have a fundamentally different relationship between arousal and desire
13. The women’s arousal is triggered by a network of emotional, intellectual and relationship – based factors rather than the simple physical response required by a man,
14. while a man’s arousal almost led to a desire for sex
15. Men consistently get erections seeing a nude woman and want to have sex but with women, things depend on a myriad of factors – emotion, communication, mutual understanding
16. I can also say with every assurance that women has emotional libido, while men is visual in nature, that’s why the whole porn industry is geared towards men and the romance industry is geared towards women
17. Guys, do I still need to remind you that ladies/women need affection, understanding, emotion, protection, attention after which sex may follow but only in a marital environment?
18. Also, marriage should be between a man and a woman that was man God created Adam and Eve, and not Adam and Steve
19. Which means gayism, lesbianism, incest and other sexual perversions are sinful to God and can abort one’s destiny
20. Praise Fowowe, a senior sex preacher has define Sex as a covenant exchange between a man and a woman in a marriage environment for the purpose of unity and procreation
21. Do not believe that wrong saying which states that “Virginity is not dignity, it’s just lack of opportunity” I can authoritatively tell you that there’s no dignity, pride and virtue as your virginity
22. Therefore, it is not something to be ashamed of but to be proud and boastfully tell people that you are one
23. Sex is powerful but not impossible to control
24. And have you not been told in the greatest book of life that if you can’t control your spirit, you are like a city with broken walls which enemies can attack easily
25. Sexual sin kills according to 1 Corinthians 10:8 and it also shipwreck leaders as it was written in Proverbs 31:3
26. An article written by a friend Olumide Bisiriyu also confirmed that sexual sin is the reason for terrorism, He used the case of Abraham, Hagar and Ishmael as an example
27. Also be not deceived that not having sex kills because it does not. It keeps you safe and away from the fear of unwanted pregnancy, STDs etc
28. Finally my brethren, there’s more to love than sexual intercourse
29. Do not let me bore you with a whole lot of stories
30. I will keep praying for you, writing to you and reminding you about the danger in Sex before marriage. May the grace of our lord Jesus Christ remain and abide with you.

[For Olaoluwa Usman who advised me to write an Epistle on sex,
For Ayanfeoluwa Lawal, an astute abstinence advocate
And for my new friend Akinmusere Kemi who is so passionate about Sexual Purity. I saw the passion during our little discussion in Tolulope Olalekan’s car all the way from Elegushi down to Mushin on Sunday]

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Good day,
Few months ago, I announced that Maximum Impact Network would be holding a three month special program titled SEX TALK with Matthew Adedoyin and I promised to put everything I discussed in writing and post it on facebook and on my blog.

The event started on the 28th of August and the first teaching was WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX.
Sit back, relax and enjoy this little piece

Sex is:
 a covenant exchange of two people in marriage environment for the purpose of unity and procreation.
 the difference between a male and female gender
 physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional in nature
 risky; you can get pregnant, get a sexually transmitted disease, have your heart broken or ego bruised, or feel let down and disappointed when it is over
 a process; you only get one chance to loose your virginity
 good
 meant for Re – Creation (Creating new offspring)

Sex is NOT:
 a way to make somebody love you or make a commitment to you
 a test of your love for your partner
 a measure of how mature or grown up you are
 a good way to assert independence
 recreation (Refreshment of the mind and body after work) or a leisure activity
 an event; it don’t just happen (unless you are a victim rape)
 commitment or intimacy. If sex create commitment, then those prostitutes should have a lot of commitment from the different people who sleep with them and still get paid.

Facts you must know
 God is the originator of sex. He made us sexual being. Therefore, it is normal to feel sexual urge. If sometimes you feel like having sex, don’t think something is wrong with you because it is normal to feel so except you are just a pack of wood that doesn’t have blood, water, feelings, emotion etc.
In his book, ‘Sex Straight talk’, Sam Adeyemi told a story of a young man who became born again and was zealous for God. He found out to his dismay that as prayerful and spiritual as he was, he still was sexually aroused, and was being tormented, so he said, by thoughts of women. One day he locked himself in his room and sliced off his penis, because he took literally what Jesus said that if your hand would hinder you from getting to heaven, cut it off.

The guy didn’t envisage the grave consequences of his action. He was alone in the room and was soon bleeding profusely with pain. Afraid he might die suddenly, he screamed for attention.
Neighbours got him quickly to hospital where newsmen found him. “Why did you do this to yourself,” they asked him. His sexual thoughts were troubling him from serving God, he said.
This is a case of a man trying to deny his sexuality. We shouldn’t deny who we are – Sexual Beings. Attraction between the opposite sexes is natural and normal. Rather than deny or pretend about our sexuality, we should accept it and then learn what to do to manage it.
 Your most important sex organ is your mind. If you gain control of your mind, then you have gained control of your life
 The quantity of sex does not make a relationship valid. It is the quality of the relationship that makes sex valid.
 Sex is powerful but not impossible to control
 The most appropriate occasion to have sex for the first time is not when you are matured but when you are married
 Sex is not meant for boys and girls, it is meant for men and women in a marriage environment
 Unless you want to get pregnant, you must practice abstinence. Don’t let anyone tell you that with BIRTH CONTROL you cannot get pregnant – that’s a lie. The only sure way of not getting pregnant is SELF CONTROL.
The most popular mentioned and used birth control tool is condom. To listen to sex educators you would think condom is a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy and STDs. Everyday sex education classes promote condoms as a means of safe sex or at least safer sex. But the research on condoms provides no such guarantee. It’s no longer news that condoms are only 87 percent effective in preventing pregnancy and 69 percent effective in reducing the risk of HIV infection. And according to a study in the 1992 Family Planning Perspectives, 15 percents of married couples who use condoms for birth control end up with an unplanned pregnancy within the first year and 36 percent within the second year.
Again also, I posted on my facebook wall few months ago about a guy who called me he was at one of our event early this year, where I spoke on SAFE SEX. He called and said, “I started having sex at 18 and now I’m 27, I just called to let you know that I agree with the fact that condoms are not safe; my three living kids and two aborted babies were all conceived while I was using condoms”. Then what is safe about birth control?

 The only protection against Sexually transmitted diseases is living the abstinence lifestyle
 You can get pregnant or catch Sexually transmitted infections the very first time you have sex, even if you use protection
 Nobody has ever died from not having sex. I have yet to read the obituary section of the newspaper or an obituary bill which says “Gone Too soon, Matthew Adedoyin, 1987 – 2011, died of virginity. Yet there are young people dying because they bought into the lie that they can’t be expected to control their sexual urge.
 Sex is a progression. It doesn’t just happen unless you are a victim of rape
 The more time you spend listening to music with sexually degrading lyrics, the more likely you are to initiate intercourse and other sexual activities.

Finally, the best motivational and inspirational book I’ve ever read – The bible stated it clear that our body is the temple of the living God. Therefore It must not be defiled which means Pre – Marital Sex (Fornication) and Extra – Marital Sex (Adultery) is not just sin against God, it is also a sin against your body.


I love you.

Stay Chaste.

Adedoyin Matthew
(Visionary, Maximum Impact Network)

[For the two corpers who were caught having sex at the NYSC Camp in Ilorin and for all my friends who still don’t believe in my course….. just want you to know ‘Abstinence lifestyle pays’ It keeps you from safe STDs, unwanted pregnancy, emotional and psychological trauma, problems, bruised ego, broken heart, abortion etc]