Thursday, March 29, 2012


THEY DIDN’T SURVIVE IT In those days euphemism and metaphors were used to clothe lewdness but unfortunately, today our society has grown into flagrant obscenities. This unarguably has fueled immorality…. ‘femi Owolabi Success Note that I don’t write to condemn as some people may think. I write to warn, teach, exhort and inform people about the advantage of sexual purity. There are people reading this note at the moment who are already addicted to sex. There are organization’s heads that are addicted to their secretaries and assistants. Some can’t even travel without making reservations for their sex mate. Unfortunately, many religious leaders are not left out. Oh! Did you just say, “That one na their headache” or it can’t happen to me”? My friend, you’re vulnerable to immorality and if you think it can’t happen to you, it certainly will. Do you remember the strongest man that ever lived on earth? Do you remember the wisest man that ever lived? What about the man after God’s earth? If Samson, who is the strongest, Solomon, the wisest and David, the most godly can fall for sexual immorality, then who are you who isn’t the strongest, wisest, smartest, richest, and most godly? Note that having morals or being religious is not your medicine against sexual temptation. There is no medicine that makes you immune to sexual temptation. It is unfortunate when one’s career end or when one’s family break due to sex scandal. Here are few stories for you: He was loved for his humane approach to life. He was regarded as an exceptional leader and was going to become the greatest and most loved American leader ever until news broke that he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky (A white house intern). The moment he added Lewinsky to his life he was impeached. Lewinsky’s word: “I had nine sexual encounters with President Bill Clinton that involved Fellatio (Oral stimulation of the penis) and other sexual acts in the oval office, but none of them involved sexual intercourse”. Even though there was no sexual intercourse, the pleasure gotten from oral sex got him off his exalted position. He was going to become the greatest boxer after Mohammed Alli until he was involved in a rape scandal. His name is Michael Gerrard Tyson but was nicknamed “Iron” because his blow weighed 50kg (That’s a bag of rice). Unfortunately, Iron melted seeing an 18 year old beauty queen, Desiree Washington. You know what? Tyson spent five years in prison just because he couldn’t control his sexual appetite. Elliot Spitzer was going to become the president of America someday until he began to patronize a prostitution service called Emperors Club VIP. He was the first New York Governor that was forced to resign. Reuben Jacob’s destiny was aborted after his father cursed him for sleeping with Bilha (His father’s concubine). Reuben who was acknowledged as Excellency of power and might did not have preeminence and did not excel. He is a Nigerian but based in United Kingdom. (Name withheld – The news is all over the internet). This evangelical pastor was guilty of homosexuality. (I have a book on sexual purity that he wrote the foreword). He was sentenced to 8 months and 6 months imprisonment respectively for assaulting a teenage boy while he slept and for fondling a young preacher while sharing a hotel bed with him. In a pre – sentencing report he said: “I am ashamed of my behavior as homosexuality is at ods with my religious beliefs”. He has also been registered as a sex offender for five years and he is presently undergoing counseling with a top Nigerian Pastor. David Jesse did not survived his sexual immorality, Samson Monaoh didn’t survived Delilah, Solomon David never survived his strange women, Amnon David died because of his sex scandal with his half sister, Tarma David. The men I have mentioned didn’t survive it, what makes you think you are extraordinary? What makes you think you will survive sex scandal if you don’t get help now? For help on your sexual behavior, contact: VERITAS RESOURCE CONSULT SUITE 16A, PHASE 6, NAVY TOWN SHOPPING MALL, ALAKIJA, LAGOS. 07060826979 29th March, 2012 © Matthew ‘femi Adedoyin

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